• Also referred to as Anandas, Kandaraja’s.
  • Capital -  Kandarapura.
  • Dynasty bore – Monkey.
  • Tittles: Krishnaveni Adipatulu
Trikuta Parvadathipatulu (Trikutaparvatam - kotappakonda).
  • Feudatories of Ikshvakus, established independent rule in the area covered by present day South Guntur district, after the fall of Ikshvakus during the last quarter of 3rd century A.D.
  • Source of informations about Ananda’s available from 3 inscriptions

Chezerla Inscription
Issued by Satsabhamalla.
Give information about Kanda Raja.
Mentions that Kanda raja grandfather of Satsabhamalla is the ruler of that region.
Prithviyuvasat – tittle of Kanda raja.
States thet Kandara defeated his enemies at the battleof Dhanyakataka and became the lord of Krishna (krishnaveni), Trikuta hill, Kandapura, and two Janapada’s.

Goruntla Copper Plate Inscription
       Gives information about king Attivarma.
       Attivarma was a devotee of lord Shiva (vankeshwara).
       Called him as Hiranyagarbodbava.

Mattipadu Copper Plate Inscription
       Gives information about king Damodara Varma.
       He was a Buddhist.
       Called him as Hiranyagarbodbavodbava.
       He made gifts to Hindu temples and Brahmins.

It is believed that the famous Chazerla temple is built by Ananda Gotrika’s.
Kapoteshwara temple (Chazerla temple) in Chezerla is the ancient most temple in A.P. which is still surviving. Buddhist temple is changed to shiva temple.


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